Monday, January 2, 2012

University Level Academic Administrators Say the Answer to the Future Is More Research Money

Indeed, we sure hear a lot about how the United States needs to lead the future through innovation and we have academic professors and administrators telling us that they are the way forward - that we must fund University research, because that's the only way. Worse, we have corporations which benefit and get this information for free, along with all of that talent, calling themselves partners, but getting everything if not free completely on the cheap. In many cases we could call this corporate welfare on the taxpayer's dollar. Okay so let's talk about this and take it a few steps further.

It is interesting that University level academic administrators say that the answer to the future is more research funding to their very institutions. Well, of course they are going to say that, and for some reason the citizenry, voter, and taxpaying public allows them to stand behind those podiums and microphones as if they are the authority. However, I can't think of anything more self-serving, neither can I think of a bigger crisis than the trillion dollars of outstanding student loans or the incredible academic industrial complex we have built into the giant bubble that it is today.

The Wright brothers were bicycle mechanics, they built the first airplane. Not all innovations come from the University. Yes, we should fund pure research, but why should the taxpayer fund research at the Universities, so these individuals can write research papers in their publish or perish world, only for our foreign competitors to take that information and run with it faster than we can create the jobs here to take advantage of it all. How does that help us? How does that help the taxpayer, or the poor Joe who would like to get a job?

You see, we seem to have a double standard because when corporations say that we need this, that, or the other thing, and then stand in line to get that juicy government contract, we all cry foul because the lobbyists are buying the votes. And yet, academia gets away with this every single day, no one says anything? Everyone somehow believes that the more people we send to college, the more opportunity there will be for people to get jobs. It's just not so.

In Saudi Arabia they increase the number of people going to college to an incredible number, and in Ireland they gave college education to everyone. Last time I checked, there were high unemployment figures in both of those nations. The taxpayer, and government funding pure research is okay, provided we get results, and we are not giving those results to our future competitors, who are taking our jobs faster than anything, because our companies here at home are so laden with regulation they can't move fast enough.

The system is broken, and merely throwing more money into a bloated academic balloon is not doing our nation any favors in the future moving forward. Indeed I hope you will please consider this, and I'm willing to debate with anyone, I don't care if you're the president of Harvard, Yale, Stanford, or any other university in this country, I will debate you head-to-head on every single point. Put up or shut up! Show Me! That's how we do in the real world, why can't you? Please consider all this and think on it.

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