Friday, March 9, 2012

Ten Worst College Majors: Labors of Love

Earning your degree will change your life; it will undoubtedly make your life better however, it is important to decide what degree to get. In a recent survey that the U.S. Census Bureau conducted it was found that even though having a degree is beneficial, not all degrees are created equal. Here is a list of the lowest earning college majors out there today.

Now, this doesn't mean that you shouldn't choose one of these as your major. I'll be honest my major is on this list. I just mean to tell you that you better have a plan, because in all honesty these degrees aren't high earners. I guess there are just some majors out there that you do because you absolutely love the subject and not for the money. But remember, even though these degrees are low earning, you will probably be earning more with them, as opposed to not having a degree.

10. Health and Medical Preparatory Programs

Average Salary - $40,000

Programs like these are usually offered through community colleges or vocational schools. Students who participate in these programs definitely experience a lower tuition and get into the medical job field quickly. Unfortunately, the salary isn't the highest.

9. Visual and Performing Arts

Average Salary - $40,000

Have you ever heard the old adage "starving artist"? Yeah, you can pretty much expect that if you get this degree. Good thing artists don't do it for the money right? If you love performing or dancing than do it because you love it, not for the money.

8. Communications Disorders Sciences and Services

Average Salary - $40,000

This job relates to teachers that try to help students with communications disorders like Tourettes and Aspergers. Students with these disorders usually have trouble reading and processing sound. Even though the salary isn't the greatest this job can be highly rewarding, and a rewarding job can be worth more than gold.

7. Studio Arts

Average Salary - $40,000

According to the Georgetown report painters, illustrationists and sculptors don't see an increase in funds after they have earned their degrees. It usually remains about the same. Most artists are self employed and keep about the same salary even with a degree. This can make it hard to do what you love.

6. Drama and Theater Arts

Average Salary - $40,000

You really have to hit the big time to make any money in this field. Movie stars make a lot of money yes, but it is really difficult to get to that point. Just another field that you do for love that's for sure.

5. Social Work

Average Salary - $39,000

Individuals in social work see one of the smallest grossing salaries on the market. But, to most social workers it's not about the money, it's about helping others isn't it? It is also important to note that those who go on to get graduates degrees in this field see a substantial jump in salary.

4. Human Services and Community Organizations

Average Salary - $38,000

This field relates to forms of healthcare like, social welfare, mental health and education. This job is rewarding and is focused on giving back to the community, even though it grosses one of the smallest incomes out there.

3. Theology and Religious Vocations

Average Salary - $38,000

People in this field study and focus on the spiritual aspects of life. They teach others the relationship between the human and the divine, scripture study, and counseling.

2. Early Childhood Education

Average Salary - $36,000

Teaching our future generations is indeed one of the most important jobs out there. Unfortunately the wages do not match. Definitely a labor of love, teachers enjoy influencing the lives of children.

1. Counseling and Psychology

Average Salary - $29,000

Out of 171 college majors that were surveyed this one is the lowest. However, though the wages may not be the best but psychologists that work within schools see almost no unemployment. Talk about a stable job!

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