Thursday, March 29, 2012

University of Gloucestershire Is a Symbol of Ceaseless Greenery, Harmony and Triumph

A knowledgeable populace is vital in today's globalized world with the increasing importance of awareness and communication revolution.

Knowledge and its application have become increasingly important for the economic growth of a country and its competitive edge in global world.

University education is the most substantial driver in the future development of societal welfare. It develops motivation and competence in individuals with opportunities of reflective action which leads towards change and growth in society.

Being at University of Gloucestershire is something of extra ordinary experience to me. The beauty and location of the University is hard to tell in words. It has been in existence for more than a decade. It acts as a new source of knowledge and technology. The educational programs offered at UOG transform individuals and give them a whole new different perspective of practical and professional life.

I did my Masters in Business and Management in 2010 from University of Gloucestershire Cheltenham. After successful completion of my degree as an individual I was able to look at the world with confidence and with a positive mindset ready to conquer each and every dream I had.

For me working on my dissertation during my MSc was such a big project and in itself a challenge. Lecture schedule, interviews and my Job simultaneously gave me to experience my full potential.

There are lots of challenges that the modern generation face. In order to go through these challenges successfully University of Gloucestershire continuously work on interaction between universities, business organizations and political system so called "triple helix-model". Students also go through learning and training process that is highly helpful. In this way they come out of the program well skilled and ready to face the world confidently.

Vice Chancellor of University of Gloucestershire Stephen Marston says the university is giving confidence to students to set up their own enterprise, bringing practitioners and business into the classroom.

Educational Programs here enable individuals to have effective communication around them; they are able to produce excellent results in their career and other areas of their lives. They are able to use time effectively and make quick and right decisions that help them in professional life.

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